Veg Boxes to your door

super fresh, nutrient dense and sustainably grown vegetables
delivered to your door or collect from our farm gate.

Each week we pack your veg boxes with the best veg that's growing in our fields, alongside some carefully selected, gorgeous organic veg from other farms.

Then on a Thursday we deliver your veg box right to your door. 

The contents will vary from week to week depending on what's in season.


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Our seasonal weekly veg boxes are available in 3 sizes:

Order by 12 pm on Monday

for delivery the following

Orders placed after this time

will be delivered the week after.

Our veg is grown in our market garden in Modbury using hand scale, ecologically sensitive production methods and we have been following this principle strictly since we started.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak we are having to bend our 'everything we sell, we grow' rule.

We now top up our veg boxes with carefully selected, high quality, organic produce, fresh from other farms.

The reason for this, is that we have made the decision to rapidly switch from supplying restaurants and attending only the summer markets, to instead offering you high quality, reliable veg box deliveries right to your door when you need it, which is now.


COVID-19 - Safe Deliveries and Collections

Your well-being is our number one priority.

We will maintain strict hygiene standards and do everything

we can to avoid virus contamination.

For the moment we will deliver your veg in large paper bags.

We’d like to use cardboard boxes and reuse them, but while there are questions about virus survival on different surfaces, we will use non-returnable paper bags.

If you see us coming to your door to deliver your veg please remember not to open it until we're well out of the way.

Likewise, if you are collecting from our veg shed by the farm gate and you see us hanging about, hail us so we can be sure to get out of your way.

Saying that... If you'd like to, do give us a wave from your safe distance.

Isolation isn't easy and we're always up for a hello!