Receive a weekly box of

super fresh, nutrient dense and sustainably grown vegetables
delivered to your door or collect from our farm gate.

Fresh and Local
All the veg that we grow is picked, packed and then put straight in our cold room on the day before delivery. This means you won’t get fresher vegetables from anywhere else.

By buying locally grown veg you are dramatically reducing food millage and supporting us your farmer, directly.

How it works

Each week we carefully select the best veg thats growing to fill the boxes.

The contents will vary from week to week depending on what's in season and tasting best.

Due to high demand, we are for the moment only offering weekly veg box subscriptions.

Payment is taken automatically every week, unless you cancel your subscription which can be done at any time.

Everything We Sell, We Grow

We have been following this principle strictly since we began.
It means you can be confident that you’re buying the freshest veg, grown on our farm in Modbury using our small scale, ecologically sensitive production methods.
However, due to the covid19 outbreak we are having to bend that rule for a few weeks.
The reason for this is that we have made the decision to rapidly switch from suppling restaurants and attending the summer markets to offering you our amazing veg through a box deliveries to your door.

Because this has been a very sudden change, our planting plan is not quite ready to meet the incredible demand there has been. Therefore, we will temporarily be sourcing veg from local growers to see us through until early May when we will then transition to our veg as it becomes available.



Hygiene is our number one priority and we will and do everything we can to avoid virus contamination and maintain excellent hygiene standards.
For the moment we will deliver your veg in large paper bags. We’d like to use cardboard boxes and reuse them, but while there are questions about virus survival on surfaces we will use non returnable paper bags.


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