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Spindlebrook Farm, Modbury, Devon, UK

We've mentoned nutritional value quite a bit accross the site, so we wanted to go into this little more.


On the whole, our industrial agricultural system does not make the nutritional value of the food it produces its primary aim. This main seem odd, but there are many practical reasons why.


The varities we grow have been selectively bred to suit the global market, whcih means they are chosen for the following reasons:


Grow Large

Grow quickly

Transport well

Store well


Crop at the same time

Grow to the right size for harvesting machinery


These are the reasons our crops are grown, not their nutritional density.


We believe that food should be grown with nutritional density as the primary aim.

This is why you find the same handful of varities accross the world.





But which varities are chosen is only part of the issue, because soil health is