Delicious Vegetables and salads

Super Fresh veg, Locally Grown and Chemical Free

We’re a small market garden in South Devon growing delicious, healthy, nutrient dense vegetables for our local community

while revitalising our soil and ecosystem.
We grow all our veg by hand - we don’t use tractors

and we don’t dig or till the soil.
Instead we use innovative modern tools and organic techniques

which build healthy living soils and natural fertility 

giving a true taste of Devon.


Healthy Soil - Healthy Veg

Science is just beginning to understand soil health, and what we know is a healthy soil is teeming with micro organisms. They break down nutrients in the soil making them available to plants in a symbiotic relationship that has been going on for millions of years.

As they go about their business they create millions of microscopic channels and spaces in the soil allowing water, air and nutrients to pass through.
All this activity creates what is called soil ‘structure’.

However, this web of soil life and structure can easily be damaged by ploughing, by using chemicals such as fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides, by compaction and even by leaving the soil exposed to the elements for prolonged periods.

Using no dig methods let’s the soil biology flourish, which in turn feeds our plants without the need for chemical fertilizer, producing naturally healthy, nutrient dense

and flavourful vegetables.

Peppers and Chilli's
Peppers and Chilli's

Varieties including 'Sweet Chocolate' and 'Big Jim'.


Beautiful Salad Mixes

Heritage Tomatoes
Heritage Tomatoes


Tel: 07540 897682